Hey everyone,

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you’ll know I have been MIA for the last week or so as I have been super busy in work and on top of that I’ve been feeling a bit meh and  unmotivated. It seems to have passed so I am ready to get stuck back into writing! I believe these periods come to us all and its best just to ride it out in the best way you know how.

Recently I have come to the conclusion that I am addicted to shopping! :s I suppose there could be worse things! Ha. I wrote back in June that I was going to set myself a no buying challenge but I didn’t follow through – you can read about it here. I have cut down on shopping and I have been thinking smaller purchases through rather than impulse buying on the basis that I like it rather than ‘need’ the item.

Over the last few month as I have been learning to wear my wardrobe. I have cut down on buying clothes from June although my wish list is the length of my arm at this stage – thankfully it’s my birthday in a few weeks so some of the things might get to come off it 😉

We all get bored of our wardrobes from time to time but do you ever look at it and think you have some fab items but just never wear them! Hands up thats me!! I have started to jot outfit ideas down so when I get stuck I pick an outfit out easier – first world problems I know! Maybe its something you could do as well?

I’ve put together some pictures to show you how I have been re-wearing certain items in my wardrobe through our Irish summer 🙂

1 pair of trousers 4 different outfits:

1 pair of trousers 6 different outfits – I didn’t realise I had gotten so much wear out of these.

I thought at the time I would have worn this jumper more but our summer has been too warm for jumpers thankfully! Maybe in the Autumn I will get to wear it more.

I wore the outfit on the left for a date day and the right I was on holiday. Adding different shoes and a pop of colour can totally change the outfit up.

I love the colours in this Tommy Hilfiger jumper. I’m looking forward to wearing it lots in the winter.

I got these jeans in Primark, I wasn’t sure about them at the time but they have got me through summer! 🙂

These are my go to comfy jeans – I keep them in my wardrobe for every season.

The bomber jacket I wasn’t going to buy! I have a few more outfits lined up for this bomber! Such a great item and colour to have in the wardrobe.

These jeans were a great purchase – I wasn’t too sure of them at the start because of the length but with the right shoes they are great!


So there you have it, a round up of some of my outfits over the last few months! It just shows you how much wear you can get out of some pieces without realising! Through the year you will see most of these items being repeated. I know lots of women don’t like to repeat an outfit but I really see no problem in it – none of us buy clothes to only wear them once but we can recreate looks with different pieces in our wardrobes. I’m usually in my uniform for most of the week so its nice to wear normal clothes when I can even if they are casual 🙂

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

If you have any tips and tricks for recreating outfits send them my way 🙂


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