If you have been following me on Instagram you will have seen that I was at the opening of the new Sostrene Grene store in The Quays Shopping Centre, Newry a few weeks back!



I was already a fan of the store before I was invited to the opening of their new store so I jumped at the chance to go.

If you haven’t come across Sostrene Grene before then this is what it is all about (Taken from their booklet):

Anna and Clara are sisters who started Sostrene Grene in 1973. They work to create little, bright differences in the everyday. They are able to find beauty and happiness in even the smallest of things, and they hope to share their excitement with the rest of the world. They have created a chain of retail stores that house a truly special atmosphere.

With great passion, the sisters develop new designs within their product categories, e.g. interior design, stationery, gift wrapping, crafts, kitchen goods and toys for children. The stores receive a wealth of new products every week, and many of these items are only sold for shorter periods of time. “Variety is the spice of life,” as Anna says, although some items are included in the permanent product range. Common to all products is an elegant and feminine expression that brings beauty to everyday life, while the prices are always kept at a reasonable level.


Personally I think that Sostrene Grene is great. It is a store that you can always find something and their prices are definitely reasonable. You can find anything from interiors to gift bags to loose tea leaves. I definitely could spend a small fortune each time I visit. I love that each time you go, there are different items available so there is always something new to see and purchase.


At the store opening I purchased 4 chopping boards – because you can never have too many 😉 I also purchased gift bags for wine bottles for work – If you don’t already know, my family own a restaurant & off licence. The reason I purchased the gift bags is because it is difficult to find them: 1. at a good price 2. stylish and modern 3. sturdy and good quality. So it was a no brainer when I seen them – I will be back for more.


I have been following the ladies on Facebook for a while now and some of their artsy/craftsy ideas are just out of this world! I have some of their ideas tucked away for our restaurant’s 20th Birthday celebrations in December.

So there we have it. A little round up about Sostrene Grene. You would think I was paid for this post but I’m not I honestly just love the brand and when I fall in love with a brand/store it’s with me forever. Call in if you get the chance it really is a great store, its like Ikea they way the store is set up and how you have to walk around it.

List of stores can be found here


Facebook -//- Instagram




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