Holidays are getting cheaper to the USA – you can go to Vegas from the UK for around £700 for a week 😮 If you caught my earlier NYC blog post you will see how cheap our flights were to NYC and how affordable travelling further away now is. In November my boyfriend and I are off to New York City (YAY) It is one of my most favourite cities and I just can’t wait to get back. I have been looking up things for months now so I am so glad it’s finally nearly time.


When I am travelling long haul my hand luggage is totally different to that if I am travelling on a short flight. For the last 5 years I have been travelling to the states at least once a year and through this time I have been evolving and refining my hand luggage requirements. Usually I like to have everything but the kitchen sink but I am getting better, I think! Ha

Today I thought I would share with you what I usually pack in my hand luggage when travelling long haul. Some of the items I can do without but I always like to have everything I want/need.

  • Spare outfit/underwear (you never know when you bag could get lost)
  • Blanket – I find long haul flights cold & I don’t like the standard issue blankets
  • Headphones – preferably noise cancelling ones to make the most of the inflight entertainment
  • Packed lunch – I usually include a sandwich, salad, crisps & chocolate bar (even if you don’t eat it all its better to have it)
  • Make up, moisturiser and make up remover – I like to cleanse my face on long haul flights and then I need my make up to put on before we land. Your face will thank you for the moisture
  • Kindle – there is only so much you inflight entertainment you can watch
  • Puzzle books – my favourite are Arrowwords
  • Documentation – Always keep your important documents with you
  • Valuables – Same with documentation, keep all your valuables with you like cameras, jewellery etc.

Nothing out of the ordinary in my bag but all the things I need when travelling long haul. The most important on the list is the valuables, documentation and a spare outfit.


Let me know what you put in your long haul hand luggage or if you have any other tips and tricks for travelling long haul I would love to hear them 🙂

Hopefully this post will be of value to some of you and help you keep things to a minimum as well.





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