Hey everyone,

Winter is fast approaching and we can’t avoid it so I am embracing it head on with some fab items to get you through the winter. I would classify myself as having a classic style – I have numerous items I wear year in year out and they never date. I am lucky I have found my style so young as I know sometimes it can be difficult. I like smart, tailored pieces. My statement wear for winter is ankle boots, jeans, shirt/false collar and a jumper – in my opinion you just can’t go wrong with it.


A warm coat is one of my essentials, there is no point buying a coat for winter and it not warm. You need to invest in this item and invest well. When you are buying a good coat you need to think long term rather than just now, coats last years especially when you choose good ones. Aim to spend between £40-£300 but before you part with your hard earned cash you need to decide on a few things:

  • How long do you want the coat to be
  • What colour works best for your wardrobe
  • Style of coat

Here are some of my favourites this winter (all taken from Zalando.com – they have the largest selection readily available online)

My favourite winter coat is my Marc O’Polo:



I love a good jumper! Navy is my favourite colour to wear so the majority of my jumpers complement navy. I have most colours from cream to royal blue. To jazz up my jumpers I add a false collar, I love them because they allow you to wear your warmer jumpers without being too warm when you are inside. Always invest in 1/2 lambswool/cashmere jumpers for the cooler days, they are expensive but they will last you for years.

You can see some of my favourite jumpers for this year:

My favourite jumper and false collar combo last year:



A girl can never have too many boots, right? I love each and every one of these boots below especially the UGG boots how cute are they! I wish I could justify a new addition to my wardrobe 😉 I don’t buy boots unless they are leather, they are much warmer and better for your feet. If you buy cheap pleather then you will likely end up buying twice. All the boots below are leather and with the majority being very affordable. I am a fan of ankle boots because I find that long boots are too warm and tire your legs if you walk a lot in them.


These are my favourite winter boots from Paul Green:


So there you have it, my winter essentials. Like I have said above, don’t be afraid to invest in some good quality warm items your feet will thank you 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully you have seen something you like



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