I have been thinking about writing this blog post for a while, probably longer than I should but I thought I would wait until I was exactly ready to get back into it before even attempted to write it.

Some of you may or may not have noticed that I haven’t written anything or posted anything on my blog or my social media platforms in a long long time. There have been many reasons for my absence and I think after all of these months I know understand them all and have in my own way ‘come to terms’ with them.

When I started blogging, I started because I wanted to write and I wanted to share what I wrote. I also started because I had spare time outside of work which I wanted to spend productively rather than scrolling social media or binging on Netflix series 🙂 Fast forward, I now realise blogging isn’t as easy as it looks. It takes time, effort and commitment and there is a lot more goes on behind the scenes than people give bloggers credit for.


For almost a year I loved blogging. I wrote whenever I could, I got up early, I stayed up late. I spent whatever spare time I had taking pictures and trying to develop content for the blog but my  love for blogging came gradually to a halt and I mean a great big fat halt. There were many reasons for my falling away from blogging and I thought I would share them with you all. Maybe you will be able to relate to some of them whether it be through blogging, your work or just life.

Whilst below are a few of the reasons behind why I stopped blogging in November there are a few others. If you would like to know the other just ask and I will happily tell you.

One of the first reasons I stopped blogging was lack of time. As some of you may know I run our family restaurant, bar and off licence and over the 6 months before I stopped blogging we were getting busier and busier that I found when I got home at night the last thing I could muster at 10pm was to start gather content and writing a blog post. It is hard work running a business and I think I underestimated my ability to split my time between work, blogging and life so something had to give.

The next reason: I was seeing bloggers popping up left, right and centre and whilst this is great I just couldn’t pin point why this was annoying me so much considering I’m not a big blogger, infact I am extremely tiny in this small blogging world but still I am here. It then came to me one day that it wasn’t the fact that new people popping but the fact that they DIDN’T write! Not one single blog post on a blogging platform. I know that there isn’t one strict way to blog but I find that having an Instagram blog doesn’t really fit in with my idea of blogging. Maybe I’m wrong and that those types of blogs are actual blogs.


The next is one that is still getting on my nerves 🙈 Now it is more based towards Instagram. I think it is lovely that people spend loads of time on their grid and some are absolutely stunning but it doesn’t give you real life and I am all about real life. Like seriously did your sandals really just end up there next to your picnic basket with champagne flutes hanging out of it? 🙈 I like a pretty picture as much as the next but I like to take pictures of the here and now rather than the set up picture for Instagram.

One more (finally I hear you say ;)) I started to focus too much on numbers. How many people where following me, how many likes I got, how many page views etc and I forgot to remember the fun element of it. Don’t get me wrong I know that if I want to progress with my blog then I will need these number but I got wayyy too caught up in them to focus on anything else. I would fret that my page wasn’t getting the views I wanted when actually it was being seen more that some of the other smaller blogs I new. I would worry that only 30 people liked my Insta post and someone else was getting 100+ like and growing quicker in a month than I was in 1 year.


As I said above I wanted to wait until I was ready before I started blogging again to make sure that it was something I wanted to do rather than for something to do. This time though I am going to be more realistic with my blog schedule V my work schedule. I am going to focus on more ‘me’ blog posts. I am going to move my blog into primarily Lifestyle rather than splitting it into Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle. My aim is still to include fashion, travel and reviews but I also want to include what is going on in my life, my work and share any know-how I come across.



Below are links to some of the ladies that inspired me to continue blogging

Avril Keys

Niamh O’Sullivan

Erika Fox


Cathy Martin

Lisa DiCicco Cahue



Sarah Hanrahan


Be sure to look out for my next post due Monday 28th May at 7pm sharing info about my NYC trip from last November.

I hope you continue to follow and enjoy the upcoming content




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